Kate's Pop Socks

Does Kate Middleton wear nude knee highs or pop socks with her superga trainers?

Do you know the phrase "a well-turned ankle"?  It means gracefully shaped and has it's origins in carpentry. I saw an image at the weekend of Kate wearing her favourite superga trainers. She does have a well-turned ankle for sure, but when I looked again at the image she was wearing pop socks with her trainers! (See the article here.)

Would you wear nude knee highs with trainers? Nude knee highs, with anything?

Maybe this is Royal etiquette, or perhaps this is going to be the next Kate Effect trend to take the fashion world by storm. We brought it to your first right here on Askay Style! It's not for me but it might be the start of a whole new era for hosiery that was once only considered the least stylish accessory garment to wear.

Here's my top choices of what to wear to stay stylish and look after your feet and shoes this summer.

These little footlets from Next feel amazing and do stay put when you wear them but they are a bit of an inbetween shape. Neither low enough for most ballet pump shoes (you still see a little of the footlet with your pump on) or high enough for trainers. 

These little socks from Boots are very cool to wear, wash well, but do show above the line of your trainer. I don't mind this though, as they are well finished and sleek unlike a thicker sports sock.

And don't forget for your untanned white ankles, footlets or no footlets - St Tropez face tan. Yes! I start using it in March.

My top tips for that very important, well turned and stylish ankle.

Stylish wishes