Future Fashion

The Tedx event I attended last week had some wonderful inspirational speakers, all encouraging us to make little Guernsey a better place to live, but it could apply to anywhere in the world when we work together as a community with a vision for a better future.

There was an excellent talk from Simon Walker who is the Head of Campaigns at Crowdfunder.  He proposed that if all new ideas were generated via crowdfunding projects, we wouldn’t need loans from a bank to start a business and we would immediately have customers for our products. What really interested me is that we would only produce what was actually wanted by our audience. Now that’s a whole new way of thinking! Turning the principles of supply and demand around where demand is established first and then companies supply to meet that demand.
When that relates to clothing you don’t have to go too far back in time for it to be the case when you either took your cloth to the dressmaker or made it yourself.  In fact, if you want something beautiful and unique to you then it still happens today. It is the norm in Hong Kong for a businessman to buy a custom suit, not off the peg. There are bespoke designers and small projects starting to pop up again in the UK outside of the traditional tailors of Saville Row which is a delight to see. Of course, these have a premium price tag but I am sure they would be cherished pieces that last for decades, not a just a few wears then discarded or lost in sea of clothes in your wardrobe. With the advances in technology, I wouldn't rule out affordable bespoke clothing in the future, instead of a sewing machine at home you might print your clothes at home! Only time will tell. 
We also celebrated Liberation Day here this week and Saturday night was the annual ball where everyone without exception turns up in either 1940’s attire or a wartime themed outfit. There were some very stylish ladies and dashing men in uniform too! It was a fantastic event and already can’t wait for next year. Went to a lunch time talk yesterday by Vanessa Vallely who gave an inspiring talk on Personal Brand from the perspective of being true to yourself and how to change some behaviour habits that might be holding us back. She runs a great women’s networking group called We Are The City who’s aim to support encourage and help other women grow in their professional careers.
As I mentioned last week there is no Top of the Shops or How to Wear It this week, but it will be back in your inboxes again next week when we are going to feature ideas for a Wedding Guest. Of course the world’s eyes will be on what Kate will be wearing for her sister Pippa’s wedding next weekend but you will have my ideas on Friday! 

Stylish Wishes!