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The "feel good factor" when wearing my clothes was the single most helpful piece of advice that I gleaned from the programme. On re-organising my wardrobe, something that hadn't been undertaken for years, I found this to be an enormous help in deciding whether to keep or discard. It was so instant , much like meeting someone for the first time, either like or dislike! It seems so obvious but it is really so effective and easy. Why do we purchase items which we think we like only to find them less exciting when we get them home.

My wardrobe is a pleasure to visit now and it gives me a buzz even opening the door to see clothing well organised. No more guilt trips as the reminders of less successful purchases have vanished from sight.

I find myself people watching with purpose. If I like what I see I think to myself I could take that onboard. Thanks to ASKAY Style I will become a more prudent shopper and save myself a fortune.

-- Helen A

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