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Look fabulous for you, your money and the planet.

We help you identify and create your own style DNA whilst focusing on your body positives. We show you how to restyle your existing wardrobe and then help you buy right first time to create capsule wardrobes you will love to wear for years.

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Kay Davidson

Style Director & Founder


I always wanted to be a fashion designer and spent my first five years after graduation working in a small independent woman’s fashion label. During that time, I was invited to pitch for the design of a uniform and it took my career in a whole new direction.

I found working with both the leaders of the companies and the staff that wore my designs a refreshing change from the fickleness of fashion. My designs suddenly had much more meaning and purpose to them than simply adornment.

My career went from strength to strength as I worked with international brands and supported some key British designers such as Jeff Banks, Amanda Wakeley and Bruce Oldfield with their corporate uniform design projects.

I’m curious and analytical by nature and have always been a hands-on designer who wanted to know my craft from the ground up. The scale of the projects I designed allowed me to travel extensively sourcing fabrics, as well as garment manufacturers, from near and far. Also, because I worked with brands creating entire corporate wardrobes for their organisations meant that I was designing a wide variety of products for each different client.  I must be very aware of trends and see through fashion trends to create stylish looks that don’t date. I am described as a “Cool Hunter” who identifies a fashion direction before it becomes mainstream and then I adapt it, to ensure it becomes a classic piece.

Through the tens of thousands of men and women wearing my clothing, I know that the power of what you wear can directly influence your confidence, attractiveness and your productivity.

There is more pressure today on women than ever, to look, achieve, and juggle multiple aspects of her life. I 'call time' on organisations and adverts that profit from a woman’s insecurities and instead encourage women to identify and celebrate their body positives through the clothes they wear.

I wanted to create a very simple route for women to gain access to my knowledge and support them as they learn. I don’t believe women should be compared to shapes or limited to certain colours. When we get to know our own style DNA and focus on dressing our body positives, the rest is easy.

Another key aspect of what I do right here in this membership site is express my concerns for the damage that the conspicuous consumption of clothing is doing across the world and how we can change that. When procuring ranges for my corporate customers, social responsibility and environment has always been one of my offerings to them. Sadly, mainstream fashion pushes the social and environmental issues under the table. But by following my approach, we can all make a difference to your own image whilst helping to reduce the pollution caused by fashion. I hope to ‘meet’ you soon as a member of ASKAY!


What we do

If you want to start enjoying fashion and wearing all of your clothes you have come to the right place. As a member of ASKAY the words “I have nothing to wear” will be a thing of the past.

  • Teach you how to enhance your own style and make fashion work for you
  • Provide the knowledge needed to enjoy wearing all of your clothes and get the most from your wardrobe
  • Help you to look at yourself with fresh positive eyes
  • Celebrate that you are an individual and teach you about your body shape which will help with your style confidence
  • You will learn about what styles of clothing flatters your body shape and why
  • Demonstrate how to enhance your style by maximising the use of accessories
  • Educate you about the importance of the fit of your clothes and how to make them perfect for you
  • Help you to save money and understand the benefits and value of "Price Per Wear"
  • Ensure that you have established your core of wardrobe basics to build your style on and how to look after them