Beat The Bank Holiday Boredom

Are you bored with your clothes?

This week, I’ve been inspired to share with you one of the learnings I come across time and time again when working one to one with clients. It’s something that used to happen to myself before I fully understood or believed in, my own style DNA.
Bored with your clothes, bored with repeatedly wearing the same things, bored with how you look in your clothes. Missing that “oomph” that wearing great clothes can give you. Of course, the way in which most people fix this, is to go shopping for something new.
But what happens after a few wears? If it’s a goodie it might see 5 or 6 wears. (American statistics say that we now only wear something 4 times before we discard it).  It may even last as long as a season. But what happens when the newness wears off and you get bored of it? It simply joins hands with all the other items in your wardrobe that you no longer get that buzz from wearing.
There’s no getting away from the fact that when you purchase something new and pristine it’s a delightful experience wearing it, so why doesn’t it last?
Because, we are shopping with the notion that we are bored with our appearance or our existing clothes. That’s a big negative mindset in my world and a sure way to make mistakes with what you purchase. You are asking that new purchase to fix your wardrobe woes when actually what you need to do is reconsider what you already have first. Only by taking the time to figure out your own style DNA, do you really know what to add, to give you many more wears form what you already own along with real, lasting enjoyment from any new purchase.
I have found that all my clients already own wonderful clothes. They have simply passed them over, believing that the answer to loving what they wear is found whilst shopping. My client this week is similar to myself because she could tell me the story behind almost every purchase, which is wonderful and reinforces that she really does love her clothes. Each purchase over the years has mostly the same hallmarks of her style DNA even though she wasn’t fully aware of it (except for a few holiday purchases that will remain unmentioned!).
Perhaps she didn’t get the fit quite right with some items, but we’ve now altered things to look even more fabulous and I’ve helped her to pair the garments in ways much more creative and fresh than she would have ever considered. For that reason, she is back in love again with all her essential items that are the staple of her wardrobe with only a sprinkle of new to rekindle that just purchased feeling for items she has owned for many a moon.
So, tempting though it may be to go browse and buy some items because you’re ‘bored’ this holiday weekend, treat yourself instead to the time to evaluate what you already have.

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Happy Easter! 
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