Colour Trends

Last week in Paris there was the bi-annual exhibition called Premier Vision.

Last week in Paris there was the bi-annual exhibition called Premier Vision. This showcases fabrics and trimmings for fashion professionals to select from, and be inspired by, for their collections for Autumn Winter 2018/19. Yes, this is a whole year ahead of when you as consumers will see the products in the shops.


Three months before PV, there is a yarn show held in Florence that is widely regarded as where the first trends of colour palettes for the season evolve. But before that there is a colour council who attend “Chroma Zone” workshops around the world along with officials from Pantone. They debate what they think the next main trends in colour will be.  All in all, you are looking at over eighteen months before the actual season’s clothes are available for you to buy.


I used to love attending Premier Vision my brain buzzing, eyes on sticks, touching thousands of fabrics, inhaling the energy and atmosphere in the massive exhibition halls. I went twice a year for 15 years, then started to go only once a year, and now only an occasional trip. Not because I have lost the enthusiasm for the show, but simply because the hype around colour is just that. Hype. Marketing a new set of colours by rewording them with some exotic name that only a regular attendee or editor of trend magazines might truly comprehend.


When it comes to what most of us wear and enjoy every day it is enough to give a nod to a colour trend and this will keep us up to date with our look.  Often it is the proportions of colour or the colours that we combine rather than having to buy a whole new outfit in this season’s ‘It’ colour that keeps our look fresh and restyles garments from previous years.


Every season very similar colours come through. These as I have said before are perfect for building a core capsule wardrobe from.


  • Autumn Winter = Navy, Dark Green, Wine, Red, Grey,
  • Spring Summer = Navy, Blue, Pink, Orange
  • Season less Colours = Black, White, Cream, Camel, 


The fabrics and styles that garments and accessories are made from are what dictate when they are worn rather than the colour itself, which is essentially true for almost all colours today. A dusty pink padded coat looks fabulous in the winter just as the same shade of pink worn in a linen t-shirt can look cool in the summer.


My advice is not to focus too strongly on colour trends but buy the colours and styles that make you feel good. No matter how much you love a particular colour if the shape, the neckline or the fit of that item is wrong for you, you are never going to feel as good as you can in it. It is a classic mistake so many women make. They love the colour (or maybe you have even had your colours done) but if the neckline is unflattering, the fit of the item wrong, even being a great colour is not going to make you look or feel your most stylish.


Take a look at the following storyboard, which has been put together taking magazine cuttings from the fashion pages of various magazines.



I am sure you all agree that you have seen these colours or versions of already for sale this Autumn Winter. But what if I told you that this was in fact from 2014? Massimo Dutti has a version of the tweed boot, Ted Baker has coloured coats, almost every brand has wine accessories and muted red garments. It really is about buying right 1st time and then you can wear with love for years.


I love fashion. So much so, I made it my career. Then through my love of design and fit I have discovered something even more beautiful and that’s style. I hope you think so too!


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