Confidence In Your Style

Why being confident in your style is key to success...

We can all play a very active part starting now by reducing the volume of clothing that we buy, by being true to our own style.

Last Friday saw me dashing away from my desk to compete in the dressage Championships here in Guernsey and I can very happily report back that the weekend was a complete success! After winning my championship class I now have a new goal; to reach a whole new level of dressage riding next year. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This girl’s riding at a higher level than she ever has in her life!

The very happy bubble of turning 50 continues and I’ve been soaking up all sorts of different articles that have been written by women who are now in their half-century.

The theme generally is about new confidence and acceptance of who they are and not giving a care about what anyone else thinks, encouraging us to wear whatever we want.

Actually, I now care more than ever about what I wear – because suddenly I have the realisation that my days left are pretty much guaranteed to be less than the number of days I’ve already lived. What others think has never been a concern for me when choosing what to wear. I learned a long time ago to be true to myself. But I can be guilty of thinking ‘this will do?’ or ‘I can’t be bothered putting in that little extra effort’. Now it’s all about quitting my default convenience habits and shaking things up and stepping out!

Of course, I’m going to stay true to my style DNA as I push my boundaries a little more. I’m not suddenly going to prance around in floral tea dresses! Just as my taste and preferences in food and wine have evolved over the years then so too do my clothing choices. When we think of our wardrobes as evolving rather than just renewing season after season, it puts the emphasis on how many times you plan on wearing something, rather than what fashion encourages you to buy and simply consume for the ‘now’.

With the continued and very welcomed media coverage, raising public awareness on the vast quantities of plastic pollution ending up in our rivers, oceans, wildlife and food chain, the fashion industry is also now under much more scrutiny. It even made it as a topic on today’s Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 show!

We can all play a very active part starting now by reducing the volume of clothing that we buy, by being true to our own style. When we are confident with our image and only buy what we need rather than all that we want, it’s liberating as well as doing good at the same time!

Let’s change the statistics for the next decade of just how many unworn clothes there are hanging in our wardrobes. Where we rotate and wear most of our clothes, repair or alter old favourites, swap or donate clothes we no longer want. And most importantly, when we do buy new, make sure we really love it - for more than the dopamine high of the purchase, love it new and every time you wear it to ensure it is cherished and enjoyed for years. 

Stylish Wishes