Does This Skirt Length Suit Me?

There are so many different skirt styles and lengths available, how do you know which one suits you best?

This season there is every style of skirt from mini to maxi back on the rails. Follow my simple rules below and you will not fall foul of fashion trends or regret a purchase.

It’s a question that comes up time and time again. Can I wear this length of skirt?

Dresses have been the default option for the past few years, but this season has seen the return of the skirt in its many different styles and lengths back in vogue again. Then I find myself being asked; can I wear this? Is this the right length for me? When we buy dresses and skirts we select them by the length they are made in and only consider altering them a small amount, rather than altering them to the point that they look completely different on us – but this is something we can easily do when it comes to skirt length. So, if you are a little tired of your existing dresses or skirts, see if you can reinvent them by shortening them. What looks frumpy and outdated can instantly be transformed when it is the right length for you.

This season there is every style of skirt from mini to maxi back on the rails. Follow my simple rules below and you will not fall foul of fashion trends or regret a purchase. Better still you will look at what you already have and alter it to breathe new life into it and enjoy many more wears.


The Mini

It really is a style thing. It has nothing to do with the size of your knees or thighs. If you love your legs – you will wear a mini with style. If it’s a push for you to bare your knees then either stop being too crazy harsh on yourself and go on, wear one! Autumn means you can wear opaque tights with your mini and that makes you feel so much less bare or overexposed so if you are on the fence about can you or can't you, now is the season to try. Another tip to make a mini skirt less mini is to only wear it with flat or low heeled shoes or boots. What is too short with high heels suddenly becomes OK if you pair it with knee-length boots. It's also OK to accept that it’s just not your comfort zone and make the most of a skirt that finishes just below the knee on the narrowest part of your leg before your calf starts.

The Pencil

Sometimes what happens with a pencil skirt is that it can be the correct length for you, but it somehow looks dowdy and frumpy when you wear it. This is because there isn’t enough tapering in the side seam and it hangs straight down from just below the hip rather than following the line of your legs and tapering inwards slightly. I don’t mean hobble skirt tight, where you can barely put one leg in front of another to walk, I simply mean less old-fashioned school skirt and more tailored for you skirt. There is nothing more dowdy and naff than a pencil skirt that is boxy around the knees. Watch out for this if you are shortening a longer skirt to finish just below the knee as it often isn’t so noticeable when the skirt is long, but once it is shortened it may also benefit from a little tapering too.

The Pleated Skirt

Boy, do I remember these well from 1st time around. They were the staple skirt in all corporate wardrobes back in the late 80’s and 90’s. But they were different to the pleated skirts that many brands are selling this season. And it’s an important differentiation point. The pleats were all sewn to the high hip point and did not start from directly below the waistband. And for very good reason. Unless you are extremely slim pleats or flared panels that start from the waistline itself can add pounds to your frame and make you look much bigger than you are. Pleats that are sewn down and only open from the hip level are much more flattering to wear.

The Midi Skirt

This isn’t a new length, again it’s been around a long time, it’s simply that more skirts/dresses are available in it currently. It is another trend that can so easily go wrong unless you are catwalk tall and slim. For the rest of us, my midi length guide is to make sure that it stops at least 1 inch below the bulb of your calf. A skirt that hits the widest part of your calf has the illusion of shortening your legs and making your legs appear broader than they are. Conversely, if you have very skinny and thin legs a skirt, which does finish on the widest part of your calves helps balance your legs and overall look.

The Velvet Skirt

Whatever the style and there are many to choose from my guidelines here is to think about what the shoe/boot is made of. My top style tip is to wear patent leather as the high shine keeps your footwear appearing light and not heavy. It also makes the focus on the velvet skirt/dress and not a texture competition with the suede shoe or boot.

If patent isn’t your thing the next best option is satin shoes or boots which are abundant again currently, then leather footwear. And the better the shine on your boots and shoes the more it will enhance the velvet. It’s time to polish those shoes and boots, girls, if you are wearing velvet this season!


My final applaud for of the return of the skirt is that it can be reinvented many more ways than a dress can so it definitely gets a big thumbs up form me and my own wardrobe has twice as many skirts as it does dresses for that very reason. I hope this summary is useful and as always if you need help then please do get in touch using the ASK feature and if you are not a subscriber (yet!) give it a try, it’s the best £4.95 you will spend this month. 

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