How To Have Less, But More

This week I'm talking about holiday packing and planning...

Imagine if you treated every two weeks of the year as a holiday. Planning new things to wear for that duration.

It’s just about to become the major summer holiday season and the parallel I would like to discuss in my musing this week is about what you take away with you to wear whilst on holiday. 

Most women put quite a lot of effort into planning and packing for their one major holiday of the year, picturing themselves in different outfits and scenarios whilst they take a break from the day-to-day norm of life at home. A different environment can lead to different clothing choices and of course the climate of your destination has a huge influence on this particular aspect.  

The emotional part of a holiday is that it is a reward, something to be enjoyed, spoiling yourself and for this we want to, guess what? FEEL and look the best version of ourselves. So ahead of time we plan, a haircut, a manicure, a pedicure, (my feet are soooo not beach ready yet!) and make a packing list. Wait? A packing list? You mean you are going to plan what to wear? Yes, holidays like those big occasions, such as weddings or interviews or presentation days we tend to plan ahead of time, to get the maximum enjoyment and benefit from what we are wearing. A habit I’d love us to adopt at other times of the year too. 

With your careful planning and possibly some shopping, you put together outfits to wear whilst away. You don’t take your whole wardrobe with you, you are (possibly unconsciously) packing a capsule wardrobe. This is when; having less equals so much more.

When you arrive at your destination, you unpack your perfectly curated pieces into an empty, clutter free wardrobe. You arrange your shoes neatly, lay out your small selection of jewellery and bags and then stand back and admire the capsule wardrobe you have just inadvertently put together. Choosing what to wear each day is easier and you feel better about what you are wearing on holiday than you do at home.  Now, part of this is because you are in a more positive state of mind whilst on holiday, but a huge chunk of it is because you have taken the time to work out what it is that you want to wear. 

Imagine if you treated every two weeks of the year as a holiday. Planning new things to wear for that duration. It’s actually not as time consuming as it may initially sound! You can repeat outfits that work well and rework ones which don’t, because when you are at home you have the back up of having the rest of your clothes available to you, to switch something out.  

A little bit of effort can go a long way and like so many other things in life, the more you put into it the greater the benefits. Old pros like me don’t even think a week ahead of what they are going to wear, more like 5 mins in the shower in the morning sees my complete ensemble for the day being put together in my mind. This also comes easily as I know all the clothes and accessories I have well, and how to wear each of them – and you can too!

Less really is more, when it is the right for you, kind of less.

A little footnote - when you’re creating your packing list and find you do need to make some purchases, please don’t buy anything just to take away on holiday and knowing that you don’t love it enough to use it beyond that one trip. I overhear conversations when I'm in shops or at the airport that ‘x’ will do, because they don’t even plan on taking it home with them. It’s ‘just for the beach’ or ‘one night out,’ or some such similar short-lived expectation. This is over consumption and adopting the attitude of clothes being disposable commodities, at it’s worst and definately a pitfall to avoid. 

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