Love What You Wear

Sex and the city style - are you a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha?

You don’t pack a suitcase to go with you when you die, so it really is time to stop procrastinating, get your glad rags on and dress up to celebrate every day we have, right here, right now.

I’m back at my desk, super excited to kick-start this year’s style letters to you once more. What better way, than to have the 1st Look Book of the year all about Spring Summer 2018 trends? Now, I know I am all for maximising your own style DNA and not being a slave to fashion, but there is a balance to be struck between keeping a watchful eye on trends and becoming an over consuming fashion victim. My role is to filter out the good trends from the here today gone tomorrow ones. In this week’s mini Look Book I show you my pick of the trends and talk about how to interpret them into everyday looks (hopefully with things you already have!) It’s key colours this week followed by key style directions next week.


I’m going to touch on a bit of an uncomfortable subject because it has sadly been part of many conversations over the past two months. Several of my friends and two of my clients have lost their mothers this winter. Losing your mother and then going through her clothes and possessions is something every daughter dreads having to do, and son’s find awkward and unfamiliar. But what I have heard over and over is the same. “My Mum had so many beautiful things - but I never saw her wearing any of them…”


You will know the expression there are no pockets in a shroud? Well, I have something to say to you too. You don’t pack a suitcase to go with you when you die, so it really is time to stop procrastinating, get your glad rags on and dress up to celebrate every day we have, right here, right now.


We hold onto clothes as ‘best clothes’ or going out clothes but wouldn’t it be more fun to wear these every day until they wear out and then go replace them? That is how I see the way forward. Wear, reinvent, customise, alter what you already have and if/when it is finally exhausted, it’s time to recycle. And if you think don’t be crazy Kay, I can’t wear a sequin top to walk the dog – well, heck yes you can! If you happen to love sequins and they make you feel amazing, then you sure can. (Plus ‘Day sequins' are a trend this season – yes, I'll be talking about them in next week's Look Book) We get so caught up in what we think fashion or society wants us to wear and that’s why we get fed up with our wardrobes. We must shift our focus onto what makes us really happy inside, wearing what makes our soul sing and let our unique style shine and radiate. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City wore a pink tutu to walk down the street, sure it was TV, but it was her character at full expression – the fashion extrovert. Maybe you are more a Miranda, earth colours and ‘quieter’ pieces or a Charlotte draped in dreamy pastel cashmere and pretty girl outfits? Not forgetting Samantha – sassy, flirtatious, bold but yet controlled in her power dressing. There may even be times in our week when we might be each of these characters and several other characters too, but my point is, we need to take the time to be us. That’s when we stop buying what we don’t need and learn to love what we already have.



There is also another very valid point with regards to our parents’ generation’s clothes. They were much better quality than much of clothing available today. Fast fashion has eroded the quality of fabrics along with construction methods that are now sadly, all about the cheapest option to create a garment. When we handle clothes from twenty plus years ago it’s apparent to even a non-fashion expert that there really is more value in those pieces. So, before you donate all of your mum’s precious clothes to charity, really consider if there is a way you can customise them into something that you will love wearing and cherish owning.


Have you stuck to any new year’s resolutions you made? I didn’t really make a NYR but I did share with you my Style Comfort Zone. I am actually rather proud of the fact that I am sat here typing this in a cream leather mini skirt (that I must have had for fifteen years,) paired with thick chunky casual tights and a cosy sweater, skirts are not only for stepping outdoors into my public life. True to pushing myself to be more creative with my dressing at home, I have also this year worn two knitted dresses and a fab stretchy skirt (which my mum donated to me from her wardrobe.) It does feel good to break my old habits. I’m going to attempt to wear what is in step (circle) two for at least half of February, which already seems crazy easy and by March venture onto step (circle) three. I’d love it if you joined me. Let me know what your style circles look like by sending a pic of them to me here and together we can adventure out of our comfort zones a little more this year and wear more of what we love!


Stylish Wishes