Necklace Lengths & Layering

Top Style Tips For How To Wear Necklaces

There is actually some really easy things to know about necklace lengths that will take the guesswork out of why some work better than others and of course how to combine them. 

We are often attracted to a necklace as a whole and don't think of the actual length being what makes it look truly fabulous on us. Or it can look just average once we try it on. In the next series of images, I show you where certain lengths of necklaces will hang and the simple layering principle. Previously I have written about layering different types of necklaces from chunky to super fine and you can read that blog here, but for this, I have used simple silver pendants of varying lengths but the length measurements apply whether its beads, pearls, chains or even diamonds! That's entirely up to you! 


1. Necklace with lengths



36cms is a short chain which on most of us will cut across the front of the neck. Not somewhere I recommend we wear a necklace especially as we age because it draws the eye to what on many can be a less attractive part of our neck. 


40cms An Ideal length for your signature necklace. Will sit well positioned on a variety of necklines.


46cms If like me you like to wear open neck shirts and v-necks this is a good length to wear on it's own.


60cms Finishes above the bust. Ideal for a low plunging top.


80cms Longer than 60cms and shorter than 80cms is what I can the no no zone for most. Unless you deliberately want to put something on your bust to make it the focal point this length of chain can look frumpy. 


100cms The Sweet Spot! When your long necklace finishes just touching your tummy button, this give style some serious oomph. I am 5ft 6inches, and a 100cm chain means that when I pop on one of my various pendants the base of the pendant/charm reaches a little lower and just touches my tummy button. If you are taller or larger on the bust you may need to go a little longer or if you are not so tall go a little shorter than 100cm for your magic chain length. 


2. Long necklace


On its own always elevates even the most simple garment choice. 


3. Signature Necklace


Your signature necklace may be a special keepsake piece and I say you should wear it every day! 


4. Signature and a second necklace


You can add another short necklace that's a little larger in scale below your signature piece for an easy layering look.


5. Signature and long necklace


It's ok to keep your short signature necklace on when you add a long necklace! And they can easily be different components. Such as a glass bead necklace as well as your silver or gold signature piece. 


6. Original

Just so you can compare how different each look is to the no necklace look! I still have my hoop earrings in though! 


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