Seasonal Style Planning

How to plan what to wear every day.

Well, it’s been a bit of work wind down and family time in my world for the past few days with the arrival of my parents in sunny Guernsey. I hope you are shifting gears in your world too. I kinda like the fact that Christmas falls on a Monday this year, as it means I have all weekend to really shut the door on work and get into the holiday groove. It’s a bit like a Bank Holiday Monday feeling but with the bonus of having Tuesday off too!

Then I think a little further ahead into my 2018 plans and remember that I have actually scheduled to take the month off from writing weekly style letters and finding content for your Look Books. Primarily because there isn’t a great deal to talk about in the shops as it is sale time, but also because it’s the best time of year for me to have a little Kay time to research, plan and get busy behind the scenes in readiness to deliver even greater things to you from ASKAY. 

If you are setting yourself some goals or New Year’s Resolutions, why not make one of them to spend a little more you time? Even if it is only 15 mins on a Sunday to plan what you are going to wear in the week ahead. You will be amazed at how good it feels to wake up on a Monday and instead of pulling on whatever is nearest, easiest or least challenging, to put on something that you love wearing. Even if it is as simple as picking out the right accessories for your clothes if you don’t normally bother, or find the time to do so day to day. You know that feeling you get, when you plan and then enjoy wearing an outfit you have planned for an event, a holiday, a night out. It feels really good doesn’t it? Well how about incorporating a little more of that into every week?

Here’s a little something to do in your down time this Christmas to get you thinking about more of what you wear now and what you would really like to wear in 2018.


Style Comfort Zone


To help you experiment and challenge yourself to do things differently in 2018 try doing this. 


Start with the area of your life that is most important to you or the one where you spend the most time. It might be work (including working from home,) looking after children/grandchildren, a hobby/sport?


1. Draw a circle on a sheet of paper. In that circle write down the things you wear currently and are happy wearing them.


2. Draw a circle around that circle. Inside this new ring, write down what you only occasionally wear because you really have to think about it or have to make an extra effort to wear these things.


3. Draw a circle around that. In the new outer ring, write down things you would want to wear but currently don't. Maybe you don’t know how to wear them or maybe you just don’t make the time to experiment with them?


4. Draw another circle around this. In this one write down things you are drawn to and like but can't see yourself wearing.


5. Starting with the second circle, do something every day that's a little different to what you are doing now. When you repeatedly do something you're not used to, you'll notice it becomes more comfortable and if you stick with it you will start moving outwards through the circles trying new things. 

I have done a quick example of what I wear currently at home for work to show you what it looks like. It's great to look at when you see yourself slip back into old habits as well! Doesn't need to be fancy or elaborate, simple things are easier to stick to as well. 





Or for something a little less brain taxing how about just putting together your Spring 2018 Style board in Pinterest or Polyvore? It’s amazing what you can gather for inspiration and ideas.


Follow the 5 steps below for Pinterest:


1. To get started with your Spring style board, type into the Pinterest search bar, the words you want to search under such as “blue coat” or “simple jewellery” or more broad terms such as “street style over 40.” Whatever takes your fancy!


2. Pin the looks you find that you are drawn to. Don’t over analysis what it is you like until you have collected at least 30 pins.


3. Review the pins you have gathered and look for a theme or pattern in them.


4. Select approximately 5 of your pins that really appeal to you and either leave it there as your looks to inspire you or search again in Pinterest for the specific thing that appeals from each of those pins and add additional pins - deleting the weaker looks as you zone in on what really appeals to you.


5. Next step is to go to your wardrobe and see if you have any similar items to recreate the look from your own clothes. If not, make a list of the items you need to buy. At least you already know how you are going to wear them!


Thank you to all of you for being part of the ASKAY world in 2017. I’m still here in January so if you want a boost with the little fun exercises I mention in this week’s blog then do get in touch! I can’t wait to share with you the new and exciting developments I have in store for you in 2018. It’s going to be a stylishly fabulous and sustainable New Year.


Wishing you all a very warm, cuddly, love and laughter filled holiday season. 


Stylish Festive Wishes