Style - Time for a New Definition

Previously I have talked to you about my desire to create role models to inspire others and I’m continuing that theme again this week.

A true role model is hard to find. I’d like us to become our own role models first and that starts by focusing on dressing your body positives.

As preparation for my upcoming talk at the Business Women Scotland event next week I conducted a short survey and targeted a group of women who were not part of ASKAY Style and the results really startled me.  In one question I asked women what was the most recurring thought in their minds when looking in the mirror. 82% responded with one of the negative options. The survey also asked when was the last time they felt good in what they were wearing and over 65% responded saying the maximum length of time option – which was, “over a year”.

This makes me so sad, to think that so many women have not felt good in what they are wearing for so long! Some of the additional comments given at the bottom of the survey were that it had been more than five years, with several commenting that they can’t even remember the last time they did feel good in their clothes…Gosh. Do I have work to do to turn this around!

When I started to drill down the replies I thought it would be interesting to compare the results by women’s size. A trend started to appear that has got me wondering and in this week’s musings I’m going to explore my theory and would love to hear your comments.

The average size woman today in 2017 in the UK is a size 16. Bust 36DD, Waist 34ins, Hips 40.5 ins.

In a time where body positivity is making supermodels out of plus size models and embracing your curves is the new self-love, I’m beginning to wonder where all the women who are smaller than today’s average size but not traditional model thin, actually fit in, in terms of the body acceptance noise being made. This was reflected in my survey where those that were size 12 and 14 were least content with how they looked and it was across all ages. Is it because they are neither the traditional thin and gazelle-like catwalk models, who let’s face it still dominate the fashion scene, but are also not “curvy” enough to be the hourglass Kardashian shapes that are associated with the other messages?

A London catwalk model’s ideal body measurement are, Bust 34”, Waist 24”, Hips 34” Kate Middleton whose style to many seems effortless is, 32-24-33.

Supermodel Ashley Graham who is a size UK 18-20 has body measurements of Bust 42” Waist 30” and Hips 46”.

There are many women who are below the now UK average, who aspire to be slimmer, drop a dress size, loose a bit of weight from their waists, tummies or hips but where are the messages to this group of women to be assured it’s simply OK just to be you? Size is only a label after all. (You can read more of that here

Those little critics that chatter in a woman’s head are fueled by the media images that surround us. A true role model is hard to find. I’d like us to become our own role models first and that starts by focusing on dressing your body positives. No more, does this cover my big tummy/hips/thighs and much more focus on, this is a great neckline on me, my legs look fabulous and so on!

Let your clothes and image be your pick me up and key to confidence. Accept the amazing gift that your body and life is right now, whether you are runway model thin, plus size cover girl size and very importantly, everything in between too.

I want women of all ages and sizes to remember that style is an emotion, a feeling from within us as true style has no number – not age or size. It is simply how YOU feel in what you wear that makes your style halo shine.

Stylish Wishes! 



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