True Style Endures

Our biggest influence should be our own style DNA

I’ve had a cheeky little grin on my face all week because I reinforced one of my own beliefs and teachings and didn’t even know I’d done it.

I’m busy working on a client project that required me to put together a scrapbook of concepts for her. After I’d gathered together her images, I pulled out what I thought was an unused display book from my little stationary stash and lo and behold it was an example of a style book.

My own style book, that I’d put together as a demo for a workshop I’d done back in early 2015. Surprised to find it in there and had forgotten I’d even done a personal physical style book (because I use Pinterest rather than an actual scrapbook) I flicked through the pages. Reassuringly I looked at all the images and thought, yep, I still really like that look and would wear it, and that look and that look and waaaaaitttt!!! No way! There on the page staring back at me, the paper a little yellow and faded with time but it was my recent purchase – my Tiffany Ring!

Without even being conscious of the fact that I had selected that ring well over three years ago, the first time I saw it in reality in May this year, I bought it. And I’ve worn it virtually every day. I love how it feels on my finger, I love looking at it even when I’m not wearing it or catching a glimpse of it even when doing the most routine things such as driving. My hand on the steering wheel of the car gives a little flash of brightness against the dark car interior and I love it!

Here’s the scrapbook cutting and a pic of me from late September on the way to prize giving to collect my Dressage Championship award, wearing said Tiffany Ring.

I’m also wearing my dark brown leather jacket which is seasons old and despite being a huge fan of wearing the colour black, I wouldn’t wear it in a leather biker jacket. It just doesn’t feel me. But brown, red or cream? Yes please! In fact, I have a variety of “biker” style jackets but in fabric rather than leather as they suit my lifestyle much more than a traditional suit jacket these days. It’s one thing I look forward to in the Autumn is being able to wear this leather jacket again.

It was only a mini example of a style book, eleven pages, so by no means a complete project but it also backs up my theory that we shouldn’t be too influenced by fashion trends. Our biggest influence should be our own style DNA. I happen to quite like a hint of animal texture or print and talked about snakeskin being a trend last Autumn Winter in accessories, and this Autumn Winter as a main trend and just look at the images…all of them feature animal prints long before they were a mainstream trend.

Call it a vision board or just that this girl really knows her style but my teaching to you is; that if you take the time to focus and identify Your Style it won’t let you down season after season, year after year.

Stylish Wishes