Wedding Guest Outfits

Receiving an invite to a wedding often fills us with fear about what to wear.

According to a recent article in the Independent the average cost of attending a wedding as a guest in the UK is now an eye watering £1015. This figure does take into account the pre-wedding day festivities such as attending a hen do, as well as presents and hotel stays. But I think if we were to add up what we spend on our image and outfit for the day it would eat into a fair chunk of this spend.


Weddings are the perfect time to invest in yourself; meeting old friends and relatives you may not have seen for a long time, celebrating in the joy of the newlyweds at their chosen venue. It’s only natural that you want to ensure you feel and look your best. Sometimes though, this fills people with dread. Perhaps it’s going to mean meeting your ex with the shiny new woman in his life, or you have gained a stack of weight since you last saw people or feel you have aged unkindly. But beware. When you start looking for an outfit to wear when you are in that negative mindset – that’s when disaster can strike. Trying too hard and going over the top can mean that you:


Overspend on something, convincing yourself that it’s expensive so it must be good, and it will make you feel better. But so very often these items remain in the depths of wardrobes never to be worn again as they just seem so in appropriate at other times.


Buy something you wouldn’t normally wear. Sounds obvious but we can be guilty of convincing ourselves that it’s a ‘wedding’ so I will get away with it…then we find ourselves pulling, tugging, fiddling, wondering if you look OK and spending way too much time wondering about our outfit rather than being present at the event and enjoying every moment. Chances are this will also join the wardrobe widows section in your bedroom after the day too.


Over purchasing. “I’ve got to have…” Succumbing to shiny object syndrome, collecting so many jewels and accessories that you could start your own shop with, as you ponder will I wear this or this with my outfit on the day? I’ll buy them all and decide later, fully intending to return the unused items, but you never do.


Over Dressing. Clothes can be your perfect partner to make you feel fabulous on the day and that’s exactly what they should be (not just to attend a wedding!) But nothing ruins a look more than over trying. If your dress is elaborate, patterned or lacy, go subtle with your jewellery. If your dress is self-coloured, feel free to put some power accessories on.


For both the money saving benefit and sustainability, re-inventing what we wear should be the new Wedding Guest trend. Restyling what you have from seasons gone past, is also a pretty sure way you won’t have that awkward moment of wearing the same as another guest, which can happen with some of the high street buys. So, stick to what you know works fabulously for you if you are shopping for new and be confident knowing that what you are wearing will be worn again.


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