Why do we think we have nothing to wear?

It's Not Just Hormones - Getting All Emotional With Clothes

How clothes make us feel is actually much more important than how clothes make us look.

How many of you have thought that you would wear something in particular one day but when you put it on, it just didn’t feel right? It’s happened to all of us. How clothes make us feel is actually much more important than how clothes make us look. Yes truly. We think it’s how they look that matters but it’s actually the feeling they give us when we wear them, that really counts.


Without our body changing one tiny bit, in the time it takes us to get dressed, clothes can make us feel happy, sad, fat, tired, cheerful, empowered, old or youthful to name only a few emotions. Pretty often the feeling women experience when they get dressed may not be just one of these single emotions, more a blend of these negative or positive feelings. The sum of which makes you decided if your outfit choice for that day is a ‘big thumbs up’, a middle of the road ‘this will do outfit’, or back to the drawing board ‘I have nothing to wear’ feeling.


What further complicates the deciding "what to wear dilemma", is the very real impact our bodies have on how we feel about ourselves each day. Bloated, sore, tired, strong, healthy, fit. Before we even put a stitch of clothes on, we sometimes start from a negative place and that makes deciding what to wear even harder.


Then take in the psychological emotions we may be carrying with us that day. How many times have you planned to wear something ahead of time and then when it comes to actually wearing it, you just don’t feel like it?


The answer to all of this is knowing what to reach for, to change how you feel about what you are wearing. If you enjoy cooking, you will know exactly what I mean. You taste a favourite dish or item you’ve made, you’ve followed the recipe and methods to a ‘T’ but to make it perfect for you that day you may want to add a little more pepper, more cream, more sugar, more spice. You know what it needs by following your tastebuds. When you have the ingredients (accessories or alternative choices of clothes) to hand it’s so much easier. We need to listen to what our feelings are telling us about how we look and then adjust accordingly.


When I ask women how they feel about what they are wearing the most common response I get is to blame their bodies in one way or another.” I need to lose a few pounds, I’ve got awful legs, I hate my arms, too much saggy skin”; I could go on! But the reality is, it’s not our bodies that are to blame for our lack of joy with our clothing choices it is our attitudes towards our bodies. We need to respect our bodies for the gift they give us of life and focus on dressing it up every day. This starts by identifying your body positives and that’s the heart of what I teach.

Stylish Wishes!